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DOGO can help dog owners and dog walkers

to find each other quickly and easily.





UX/UI Design

Personal Project


DOGO is a mobile application designed to help dog owners find dog walkers. The app allows dog owners to post an alert requesting a dog walker, which is received by the nearest dog walker.


DOGO is a dog-walking app designed to provide quick and easy access to dog walkers for busy dog owners.

By posting a request for a dog walker, the nearest available walker is notified to assist. Our objective is to offer a prompt solution for dog owners while providing an opportunity for those who want to earn extra income and establish long-term relationships built on trust.

The Challenge

Due to long working hours away from home, many dog owners struggle to find the time to take their dogs on extended walks.

Some homeowners with physical disabilities may require occasional assistance with walking their dogs. Additionally, there are individuals who are looking for quick ways to earn money, and this app provides them with an opportunity to do so by offering dog walking services.


A dynamic application that responds to dog owners and dog walkers.

DOGO connects dog owners with dog walkers in real-time. Its user-friendly interface enables owners to post their dog walking needs and receive alerts when a nearby walker is available. Walkers can set their availability and rates, track earnings and performance. DOGO offers a seamless solution for owners and a platform for walkers to find work and build trust with clients.


The Product

As soon as you choose the lucky dog you'll be walking in the DOGO app, a vibrant pop-up window springs up, revealing all the juicy details of the dog and its owner. You'll have the option to quickly connect with the owner via phone call or message to ensure seamless coordination. And don't forget to snap some shots of your furry friend during your adventure - you can easily upload them to the app for all to see!

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My Target Audience

"While conducting my research, I spoke with friends and family and discovered that many of them would definitely use an app like this. Dog owners often need to find a dog walker at least once a week, and the key factor is finding a responsive and reliable service."

Pain Point

With busy work schedules taking people away from home, many dog owners struggle to find the time for long walks with their pets. Some individuals with physical disabilities also require assistance in caring for their dogs.

Furthermore, there is a significant demand for quick ways to earn money among the general population.

Main Persona

In order to create an optimal platform for dog owners and dog walkers, it is crucial for me to understand their needs and schedules. To achieve this, I conducted a survey among a large sample size, which enabled me to identify different personas within my application.

After careful consideration, I chose to focus on one primary persona.

Person with dog
Girl with Dogs
Yael Shemesh

Yael is a soldier who returns home every day, looking for additional income beyond the military salary.

DOGO is the perfect solution for her.


Key principles were defined based on these insights.


Guide dog owners to discover the best dog walker for their needs.


There are various search options available.


The interface is comprehensive for both parties.


User Interface


Upon opening the app, users will receive a warm welcome message explaining the purpose of the platform. The app provides a community of dog lovers and offers the choice to either search for a dog walker or offer dog walking services.


Home Page

The homepage of the platform is like a virtual dog park, with a pack of adorable pups just waiting to be taken for a walk. As a dog walker, you'll have access to all of them, presented in a perfectly organized and predetermined order. Don't feel like scrolling through the whole pack? No problem! The app offers an array of easy-to-use filters that allow you to narrow down your search by location, time, or date, so you can find the perfect pup to walk at the perfect time. And if you fall in love with a particular pooch, you can mark them as a "favorite" for easy access in the future. Once you've selected a dog, you'll be treated to a detailed window chock-full of information about the pup and their owner, so you can build a connection and ensure the best possible experience for all involved.



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The application offers ample room for additional features, such as a daily story feature for dogs and real-time tracking of the dog walker. Additionally, the community aspect of the app can be further developed by creating a cooperative community for dog owners to meet and gather in dog-friendly locations like parks and gardens.

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