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A travel assistance app that gives its users offers for accommodation, car rental, restaurants and more

Landing Pages

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עומר ניקובים

ניקוב עגילים באוזניים עד הבית

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משתלת הכפר

משתלת הכפר- לא רק משתלה



I'm Einav Douk

I'm a UX/UI designer who absolutely loves what I do.

I create digital experiences that are both beautiful and easy to use. I'm all about making things look great and work even better.

Being a UX/UI designer is like a thrilling adventure for me.I'm excited about every new challenge that comes my way.

It's like solving puzzles and making art at the same time.


The world of design is always changing, and I'm right there, ready to embrace whatever comes next. With each project, I get to mix creativity with practicality, making sure things not only look awesome but also make sense for people using them.

So, if you're up for a journey into the world of design and innovation, join me. Together, we'll tackle exciting new challenges and create amazing digital experiences.

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Meet me,

the master creator of designs and a wild adventure-seeker!


I'm a 32-year-old mother of two, happily married to my soulmate, Shahar.

When I'm not busy unleashing my creativity through drawing and imaginative design, you can find me exploring nature with my family, jumping and dancing around energetically with my kids, or satisfying my taste buds with a delicious hamburger.


But don't let my fun-loving nature fool you - I am always striving for success and crave new challenges to conquer. Whether it's creating a new paint from scratch or taking on a complex design project, I am constantly pushing myself to try new things and improve my skills. 

So bring it on - I'm ready for whatever come!

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